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Are you healthy? | Transformation Church
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Are you healthy?

How to grow toward spiritual health and maturity in Christ.

We all agree with and understand the concept of Growth and Health in the physical, and emotional development of humans, and we know why it is important.

The bible links Spiritual growth and Spiritual health which are far more important.

Failure to develop and mature in their spiritual life is the reason many are spiritually unhealthy and struggle in their Christian walk.

People who are physically unhealthy are often weak and lethargic and have limited resistance to sicknesses. It is the same spiritually. When one grows and matures spiritually one develops strength to resist spiritual sicknesses whether it’s sinful acts or thoughts, or giving in to temptation or the common human weaknesses of doubt, fear, lack of confidence, insecurity, feelings of unworthiness etc., etc

It can also lead to backsliding – going back to the world or immature behaviour such as strife, division, offence or being a stumbling block and is reflected in irregular church attendance, worldliness, or indifference.

Just as a child needs certain things to grow physically, emotionally and psychologically so Christians need certain kinds of activities and exercises to grow spiritually and to live the abundant Christian life.

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