Our Vision

  • To be a significant, vibrant, Spirit-filled Apostolic Church; where God’s presence and power is real and where everyone can experience the life changing power of God.
  • The main Church to be the center for corporate worship, teaching, prayer, and ministries focused on equipping, training and outreach.
  • A Small Group Ministry, where individuals can find mutual support in their faith and spiritual growth, and for the purpose of reaching out to those outside the church.
  • Relevant programs and activities for children and youth which communicate the gospel in a stimulating and effective way to show that living for Christ can be both meaningful and exciting.
  • Effective Evangelistic and Community Outreach Programs.
  • A significant Missions Program that supports, trains, and releases ministries for the expansion of the kingdom of God locally and around the world.

Our Values

  • We are committed to promoting an environment that encourages each individual’s growth in their relationship with God, and their release in ministry.
  • Every member of Christ’s body has been given spiritual and natural gifts by God and is a minister. Every task is important. Everyone can and is encouraged to be involved in a ministry. We will therefore train, teach and encourage everyone to exercise their gifts to their full potential.
  • We are a Worshiping church—we value and encourage personal devotion and vibrant, uplifting and God-glorifying corporate praise and worship in our services.
  • We are a Praying church. We believe that praying and listening to God’s voice is important. Prayer is an essential support need for every aspect of our church life.
  • Allowing the Holy Spirit to direct our church meetings and following His leading in an orderly manner is important to us.
  • We believe that Bible-based Preaching and Teaching are God’s primary method of transforming the lives of his believers.
  • We believe that every individual is special and important, and we are committed to maintaining an environment of love, acceptance and forgiveness.
  • We are dedicated to manifesting genuine love and therefore we are committed to being open and honest with one another.
  • We accept one another unconditionally, just as Christ accepted us.
  • We will demonstrate our spirituality and love for God in a practical way by making service to others and our community a priority.
  • We will grow our relationships with one another through church and community activities. We will make hospitality a priority.
  • We seek to be a reflection of the life and character of Jesus Christ both inwardly and outwardly, and strive to avoid wilful sin and disobedience to God in our thoughts, words and actions.
  • Jesus is the primary focus of our lives and we are fully committed to His work. We seek to honour Him in everything we do.
  • The family and a strong home life is very important to God. We believe that God intended the family to be a place for development of: God-centered relationships; God-like character; God-ordained ministries and for both natural and spiritual reproduction.
  • We believe that the priorities of a God-directed Church and a God-directed family should not come into conflict with one another.
  • We encourage and promote leadership out of a servant’s heart. We are fully devoted to the training and growth of our leaders and enabling them to fulfill the calling of God in their lives.
  • We believe that our church and its members are not islands to themselves. We value the Apostolic covering of the five fold ministries (Ephesians 4:11) as part of the Apostolic Church in Canada.
  • We fully support the foreign missions programs and church planting activities of the Apostolic Church in Canada. We will support and participate with other like-minded churches in our community to promote the Gospel and to win our community for Christ.